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Our Team

Ian Lead Investigator   Lewis Paranormal Site Investigators   Michael Paranormal Site Investigators

   Ian        Lewis      Michael

Ian, Lead investigator, debunker, social media and photographer. ASSAP member.

Lewis, Technical supervisor, video editing and investigator.

Michael,  Lead camera operator, researcher and investigator.


Unlike the usual paranormal investigators seen on TV or You tube, we do not use any of the usual methods of investigation like quija boards, table tipping, dowsing rods, mediums, psychics or sensitives, nor do we use spirit boxes, k2 meters or rem pods.

As a team we use scientific equipment and methods to test the immediate environment for anomalies, our cameras are capable of taking infrared, full spectrum and white light photos, we also record both video and audio as evidence to either prove or disprove paranormal events that are happening at a location.

If you worried or feel scared and are in need of our help to conduct an investigation at your home or place of work, feel free to contact us with your details via our email.

Please feel free to donate to our cause that will allow us to continue our research into the paranormal.



We are here to help you if you need our services

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