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What does Paranormal mean ?

Paranormal are events or phenomena such as seeing ghosts or hearing poltergeist activity that are impossible to explain by known natural forces and are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

Do we believe in the Paranormal ?

We are sceptics, however we still believe that there is much that science cannot yet explain, this is why we conduct our investigations.

Do we investigate every case ?

No, at present we only conduct paranormal site investigations within our home towns of Thanet & Dover area.

Can you rid my home of a ghost or poltergeist ?

No, we are not exorcists but should we be unable to to explain your paranormal events we can offer advice or guidance.

Do we have ghost hunting equipment ?

Despite what you see on you tube or the TV, there is no such equipment to prove the existence of ghosts. We do however use similar equipment to check the local environment for anomalies.

Do we have mediums or undertake seances ?

We do not use mediums or undertake exorcisms or seances, nor do we use quija boards to contact spirits or the recently departed.

Do we charge for our services ?

We offer a free service if you are local to us, however donations are much appreciated.

Please feel free to donate to our cause that will allow us to continue our research into the paranormal.


Do we work for other investigators ?

We are independent investigators, but upon their request we will work with other investigators should they need our help.

Do you test equipment ?

We do test equipment sent to us by the manufactures, we also debunk equipment that is no good for paranormal investigations.



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