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A ghost is believed by some to be the disembowelled sprit or the soul of a dead person, sometime seen as a pale or transparent image.


For a ghost or sprit to appear in place regularly.


A ghost or ghost like image of a person.


A noisy ghost or a supernatural force that can manifest itself by moving furniture or throwing objects around a room.


An observable event that appears to be supernatural in origin.


A sensory experience that something does not exist outside the mind and manifest as either visual or auditory images.

Paranormal activity.

An event or happening being beyond the scope of scientific reasoning or understanding.


An evil spirit or entity, demons are said to possess people for torment.


These people are said to have a special intuition allowing them to see or talk to the dead.


Can tell the future or see events that may happen, also known as clairvoyants, fortune tellers and prophets.

Quaji board.

Also known as a spirit or talking board, used during seances to talk to the dead.


A meeting in which a medium or spiritualist attempts to communicate with the dead.


Something that has an existence or presents but has not yet been given a description as to what is. 


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